"As culture changes, so too must the methods in which authors find their voice and share their words. Words that further move culture to change."


Spearhead is a movement. An experiment.

With the dramatically changing face of publishing, a new landscape is forming, one that invites pioneers and inventors alike to journey into the unknown. To charge headlong into the battle for the eye and the mind, in the hopes of not only winning hearts, but making a way for more than just themselves. 

We are a collective group of authors who share a common belief that together we can reach a broader audience than we ever can apart. We are committed to the distribution and promotion of finely crafted stories of fiction for teens and adults, sometimes using traditional methods, and other times doing things that have never been done before. By uniting our efforts and our tribe base under one common banner, the authors of Spearhead Books are committed to finding new methods of book publishing that reach a more targeted and engaged audience than traditional publishers ever could.


It's a new day. It's about relationships.

The reality is audiences don't buy books because of a publisher's name on the spine, they buy books because they have been vetted and accepted by their culture. Readers flock to books they have heard about from their friends, have found an engaging discussion about, or have seen promoted by another trusted author.

Relationships matter immensely in today's socially networked world. By gathering like-minded creators and inventors whose allegiances are bound by willfully aligning themselves with one another, we hope to experiment with new distribution methods that meet our audiences where they are. And then take them further.


Post-publishing. Independently together.

Spearhead is a gathering of authors who combine efforts and resources, link arms through shared branding and emblems, co-occupy websites, and venture out on tour together. Not because they have strong backing, but because their audience is strong enough to trust them and those they create alongside of.


So join the revolution with us. Raise your spear and venture forth into one of our many great reads. The adventure will not be a safe one, but it will be well worth the trek if we prevail (and full of plenty of surprises along the way).


Ecclesiastes 4:12 - "A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.

Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken."